Signup for the Giveaway Announcement List

Be prepared.

Before signing up, have your product or products ready to enter into the event. The signup/squeeze page should not be overladen with other offers, if it is, you will drive away most of your potential signups. Remember, the gift you display in the event is what they are after, not being offered other things at this point.

Have a picture of your offering to display on the event. A jpeg format is best, as it works on all the various giveaway scripts in use.

The website url to your signup page, and your thank you/download page.

Nearly all give away events offer an upgrade to it's contributors. This usually allows the contributor to add additional gifts, ( free contributors get only one) plus one time offers which are displayed to everyone entering the giveaway event is a great source of sales, and if setup correctly, may get you your upgrade fee plus a profit, making this a win win. Text ads generally accompany the upgraded status as well, whereby, you are allowed to enter a certain number of these ads which can bring in additional monies and signups.

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